6 Affiliate Marketing Trends You Must Not Ignore

1.Audio and Video Content

Running an affiliate marketing business in Malaysia is no longer only about written content. In order to be successful, affiliate marketers need to be more creative and innovative. Use slideshows, online courses, demos, videos, images and live content to promote your products and links.

2.Voice Search

Voice search is rapidly dominating the industry, thanks to Alexa and Siri. At this day and age, optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns for the standard search engine optimization terms is no longer enough. Optimizing for long-tail keywords and natural speech patterns is crucial to stay relevant.

3.Diversified Portfolio

Affiliate marketers and other digital professionals are now gravitating away from the typical Amazon model. They are no longer relying on Amazon Affiliate programs. To gain long-term success, you must learn to diversify your efforts across multiple websites and platforms.

4.Strong Affiliate Product reviews

Online product reviews is still the number one content in affiliate marketing. Keep in mind that anytime a person looks for testimonials and reviews, they are just a few seconds away from making a purchase. All they need is a bit of push over the edge.

5.Facebook ads and remarketing tools

Affiliate marketers are now learning how to make the most of Facebook ads to level up their marketing efforts. If you want to target more opportunities, explore remarketing campaigns. But, do you know that Facebook is not really very welcoming when it comes to affiliate marketing? This is the reason why you must watch your initiatives in that platform closely.


eCommerce retails are now joining the affiliate marketing game. Affiliate marketing campaigns can be a significant part of every lead generation strategy. Many of them are now launching their own programs, and broadening the opportunities for other marketers.