6 Most Useful E-Commerce Trends of 2020

Are you thinking of putting up your own online business? If so, you have to stay informed about the latest e-commerce trends every year.

In today’s article, I will talk about the most useful trends in the e-commerce industry in 2020.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

A lot of people buy stuff online mainly due to convenience, but one major problem of doing this is that people will have no way of telling how a product would look like and how it will look whenever they put it inside their homes.

By using augmented reality, you can create a mobile app for your business that will allow your customers to not only ‘interact’ with the product but more importantly, be able to know how it will look on them or inside their homes.

Of course, such a feature may be quite expensive to implement, but think about how many potential customers you can get just by doing this necessary step.

The D2C Trend

Direct to Customer or commonly known as ‘D2C’ is quite a popular trend nowadays simply because both you and the customer can save on costs. Let me explain.

Back in the day, manufacturers would have to rely on a middleman to deliver the goods directly on their customers’ doorsteps. However, this step requires more money than what you and your customers are comfortable paying. That is why D2C was born.

By essentially eliminating the middleman, manufacturers should directly ship the products themselves to their customers, effectively reducing costs in nearly half of what they used to pay before.

Optimize for Voice Search

Most of the time, people would just use short-tail keywords as a means of improving their website’s SEO. However, since Siri and Google have already implemented their own IoT algorithms, voice search is inevitable and that is why you will need to consider using long-tail keywords. Why is that?

Well, long-tail keywords just make it more ‘natural’ in the sense that people might use a longer string of words than your usual one or two-word search queries. Using a keyword research tool can really help you with this.

Think About Customizable Products

By allowing your customers to customize the product before they hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button, you will effectively increase the number of sales that you can get every month. That is because people want to be able to get the things that they buy in the way they want them.

If you sell mostly clothing and shoes, implementing a feature where your customers can tweak different aspects of the said products can really help entice people to buy what you have to offer.

More Useful Ways to Interact with Your Customer

You may have hired people dedicated enough to become your customer service representatives, but just like every employee, they will not be able to work a full day. That is why investing some money on AI chatbots can really help you with this.

It is customary for online entrepreneurs to expect that some of their products might arrive damaged in their customers’ doorsteps. It is, then, vital that you present more options for your customers to get a hold of you so that they can address their concerns. Remember that customer satisfaction can also mean how you handle customer complaints.

Niche-focused Products

As a businessman, as much as you want to sell as many different products as possible, you will have more success if you focus on selling products solely on one niche. This way, you not only save on costs but you will also have better chances of making a sale than having an all-in-one store right off the bat.