Baby Care : Baby Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Parenting is a challenging undertaking. You need to think about not just the fun, exciting moments. What if your baby gets sick? Do you have all the necessary tools and medications needed in case of an emergency? Below are some of the things you need to have in your baby medicine cabinet.

1.Syringe or medicine dropper

This will help you dispense medicine in an accurate manner.

2.Bulb syringe or saline nose drops

This is also known as nasal aspirator, and can aid you in clearing your little one’s stuffy nose.

3.Digital thermometer

Your child may protest, but in case she comes down with fever, taking her body temperature rectally is the most accurate way. Buy a baby thermometer in Malaysia even before your child comes home from the hospital. Moreover, make sure you have alcohol-soaked wipes and rubbing alcohol on hand to clean the thermometer after every use.

4.Infant acetaminophen (Tylenol)

You need this, as well as a dosing chart. Get this chart from your physician.

5.Antibiotic cream

Parents must be ready even for minor injuries like scratches or cuts. Never use adhesive bandages, since your kid can choke on these in case they come loose.

6.Tweezers for splinters

7.Baby lotion can

Apply baby lotion on your child’s irritated, chafed skin.

8.Humidifier or Cold-mist vaporizer

By using this, you can relieve cold symptoms.