Home Library Ideas

It is a dream come true for avid bookworms to have their own library at home. Home library is basically a mini library that you can have even at the corner of your own bedroom or it can have its own room in your house at Sierramas. However, few could not have it due to the lack of space at home and some do not have their own home library because they do not know how to set up the entire space. To reduce the cost of setting up your home library, you can set it up as part of your home renovation plan when you first move in. As a way to help avid readers fulfil their dream of having their own home library, we wrote this article to give you some ideas on how you can set up your home library at your house in Sierramas


Built-in seating with a good view

To make it easy for you to enjoy your reading, you can add built-in seating between the bookshelves. This is so that in case your bookshelves are arranged at the corner near your living room windows, you do not have to keep on walking to the sofa area of the living room to sit and enjoy your book. With the built-in seatings between the shelves, you can just grab a book and sit at the seating area near the shelves to enjoy your book. You need to make sure that your built-in seating is near the windows. This is so that you can get a breeze of fresh air while enjoying your book. Not only that, but it also lets in the natural light that will enhance your mini home library with the built-in seating. 

Sturdy Bookshelves

When getting your bookshelves, make sure they are sturdy enough to hold all your books no matter whether they are light paperbacks or heavy hardcovers. This is so that your bookshelves do not fall off or be damaged because of their inability to hold the heavy books. Then, it will be more troublesome for you because you have to keep on changing the bookshelves due to them being easily damaged since they are not sturdy enough. If you are not interested in buying bookshelves, you can build your own bookshelves by getting individual wall shelf racks which you can drill straight to the wall. This is because wall shelf racks are at most times more sturdy than normal bookshelves and they are also less space-consuming. 

Arranging Books According to Their Categories

When arranging your books on the bookshelves, you need to categorize them according to their genre so that it will be easy for you to group them. Not only that, but it will also be easy for you to keep track of what books you have and what books that you do not need that you can donate. By categorizing them, it will be easy for you to look for the books that you want to read. For example, if you were in the mood to read a book from the science fiction genre, then it would be easy for you to look for them because of your categorization.