Top 8 Poker Etiquette Rules

Casino Poker 101: 8 Important Poker Etiquette Rules

Simple etiquette should be followed whether you are playing poker at home through the most famous online gambling games, 918kiss or at the casino. These are the basic rules and proper behavior a person should follow to make sure the play is running smoothly.

1. Don’t be mean or rude to anyone.

Never show rudeness to the dealer or to other players. Don’t shout or curse at them. If you are having a losing streak and is in a bad mood, take a break. Have a good meal and some drinks to clear your mind. Don’t ever get yourself in trouble, especially inside a casino. Just in case you are having serious problems, reach out to the floor man.

2. Always wait for your turn.

Are you so excited about your good hand, that you can’t wait to make a raise? Well, be patient. Wait until it’s your turn. This also applies when folding hands or jumping the gun. Not waiting for your turn in a game can give a bad signal.

3. Wait for the showdown until you show your cards.

When folding, see to it that you don’t flip or flash your cards while you toss them to the muck. If you do this, the other players will know what you fold, giving them details that can change the entire play. Remember, there is no reason for you to expose or show your cards before the showdown.

4. Don’t just show your cards to one person. Show it to everyone.

Did you win a hand prior to the showdown? Do you want to show your cards to another player? Well, you can’t just show it the one on your right or left. As part of good etiquette, you need to show them to the entire table.

5. Never splash the pot.

Once a player tosses the bet in the mess at the pot’s center, that is known as “splashing the pot.” When someone splashes the pot, it’s hard to know the amount of their bet. Do it properly. Just stack the chips neatly at the front.

6. Never talk about your cards while the game is going on.

It’s true that is very tempting to talk about your cards after folding. But remember, if another player who is still in the hand hears this, it can give them some clues and details that they can use to their advantage.

7. Make sure not to make any string bets.

This is a casino bad habit that you see a lot in movie. This is the string bet. You need to declare right away if you are simply raising or calling. All you have to say is “call,” nothing else.

8. Always pay attention.

Don’t give in to distractions. If you are still in a hand, don’t make the players remind you of your turn. By knowing and paying attention to this detail, the game will move smoothly.

Don’t ever talk to someone on your mobile phone while still at play, this can be detrimental to your hand and your entire game.