Tummy Tuck for Mothers

Tummy Tuck Surgery: How Can It Resolve Postpartum Back Pain and Incontinence

Parenthood can give women absolute happiness, but at the same time, overwhelming changes. They need to adjust to their post-pregnancy bodies and other physical changes. These are long-lasting changes go beyond aesthetics, and can cause both urinary incontinence and chronic pains.

How can technology help these women? Well, a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, might just provide awesome benefits. According to a new research, it can do accomplish more than just cosmetic face or body modifications.

Learn From Kileen’s Story

Most individuals think that tummy tuck can remove excess fat and stretched skin, that can later contribute to long-term weight loss. That may be true. However, for women who just gave birth, this procedure can repair abdominal muscle separation.

Kileen Valenzuela, Cute & Little blogger, started feeling pain in her lower back daily after having her second baby. When she asked for her physician’s advice, she was told that her back was compensating for the loss of her ab muscles. It is trying to stabilizer her core. This is a confirmation that she as diastasis recti.

Physical therapy can be recommended but it certainly won’t help in most, if not all, cases.

Abdominoplasty was her doctor’s suggestion.

The Ultimate Evidence: Tummy Tuck Can Help!

One study, which is trying to prove tummy tuck’s effect on pain and urinary incontinence, turned to women who had just given birth. Prior to undergoing tummy tuck, they answered questionnaires assessing their medical history, as well as back pain, and experiences with urinary incontinence.

The surgeries to these chosen mothers were done by 9 various surgeons from different practices. They are also experts in using many approaches.

In around 6 months, the women reported back pain improvement around 85%. For incontinence, on the other hand, 73% also experienced improvement.


Physical Issues After Giving Birth

Incontinence and back pain are 2 major physical issues women battle after pregnancy, most especially after huge babies or twins. Why? Because weakness from pregnancy, and abdominal muscle separation leaves a woman’s lower back unsupported and unstable. Tightening and repairing the core will be a huge help. Tummy Tuck can offer relief by off-loading all the excess skin, and other pain issues and instability that can get worse as time passes.

More than Just a Cosmetic Option

Tummy Tuck, therefore, is not purely an aesthetic surgery. It can be considered as a medical necessity that should be covered by insurance. Women should do it for their health—not only to look good and feel more confident.

The problem is, plenty of insurance companies don’t regard tummy tuck as a medical necessity. Despite the positive health results for postpartum women, it is not covered by insurance.

As research continue to progress, and as technology prospers, the health benefits of abdominoplasty can also rise in popularity. Who knows? This procedure might soon be covered by insurances. However, until then, postpartum women need to use their own money, if they want to undergo the treatment.