nursing college malaysia

Why You Should Apply For Nursing

If you are a people person, you might want to consider applying for a nursing diploma because you have the quality a nurse needs to have. Society has their own perspective on students studying in nursing colleges in Malaysia. Small salary, less career options, and other stereotypes they had on nursing students.

nursing college malaysia

Little do they know, nursing careers are one of the most important careers in the health industry and are very beneficial for everyone.

# 1 Wide range of career

Being a nursing student, people may think that you are only going to me a nurse in some random hospital or healthcare organization. But the truth is, a nurse will also have the same opportunity as a doctor which is to choose their own specialties. Specialties such as oncology, pediatrics, critical care or even neurology can be chosen by the nurses and that is what makes the nurses special. Let’s say you are interested in law and nursing at the same time, you will be able to apply to be a forensic nurse. Isn’t that cool?

# 2 Get to learn different things

This is specifically in the healthcare industry, you will be able to gain new skills and use it for your job later. Here are the things that you will learn:

  •   Communication skills – this skill is the most important skill for a nurse because you will have to communicate to different people; Patients, caretakers, doctors, paramedics and your team. Good communication skills will make you a better nurse.
  •   Technical skills – nurses will deal with technical equipment that will be used to help the patient. Therefore, the nurses have to learn the skills and how to use it to be able to make it run for the patients.
  •   Clinical skills – get to know the medications and treatments for different diseases and how to apply it on different patients.

# 3 Employment

Medical and healthcare industries are at the peak of development and many discoveries have been made. Which means, more workers needed to run this industry. Not only to work in the hospital, nurses can also be taking care of the elderlies at the old folk house. If you love travelling, apply to be a travel nurse and you get to do both things at the same time; working and travelling. Nurse is one of the most in-demand careers all over the world so don’t worry about unemployment, you will get a job as soon as you graduate.

# 4 Flexible working hour

Working in a hospital offers you different shifts that you can choose. In some places, the hospitals will decide your shift for you and some will give you chances to choose your preferable shifts. A mother who wants to be at home at night can choose to work in the daytime or for someone who enjoys working late at night because it is less busy, choose the night shift.

Being a nurse does not mean that you will fully commit to your patients. You also will be able to improve your quality as an employee and make yourself a better person.